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Bulit-in mastic cold shrink tube for 4G and 5G communication base station
Time: 2022-07-02 09:34:40     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

In 2006, our company manufactured the first silicone rubber cold shrink tube with built-in mastic in China. It is very suitable for waterproof sealing and anti-corrosion of the current 4G and 5G communication base station coaxial cable connection. It has excellent waterproof sealing performance, excellent light resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, excellent aging resistance and long service lifespan.

Since 2006, the silicone rubber cold shrink tube with built-in mastic has been used for waterproof sealing of our company's 10,000 volt and 35,000 volt power cable cold shrink outdoor terminal products. Under the condition of outdoor heavy rain, it has withstood the test of power line high voltage and lightning impulse voltage, no short circuit, no breakdown, no flashover, indicating that it has excellent waterproof performance.

This silicone rubber cold shrink tube with built-in mastic is completely suitable for waterproof sealing of coaxial cable connection of 4G and 5G communication base station. Superior to silicone rubber with excellent aging resistance, so it has a long service lifespan, which is longer than coaxial cable. 

As the pioneer of cold shrink tube manufacturer in China, we can produce different design and size based on customer’s actual needs. So far, we had developed and produced different color cold shrink tube, the maximum and the minimum cold shrink tube. Volsun was founded in 2006, we keep focusing on the R & D, production and sales in insulation, sealing & protection solutions for more than 16 years.

For the cold shrink tube,our small inner diameter can reach 13mm,the longest length can up to 1000mm now. All the product have full set of test report from SGS,such us IP68 waterproof,UV resistance,Ozone aging resistance,flame retardant. Cold shrink tubing are mostly used for waterproof sealing insulation purpose of cables, connectors, joints in telecom industry or electric power industry.   

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