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Application introduction about silicone self fusing tape
Time: 2022-02-26 14:11:45     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

Self-fusing Silicone Tape is a convenient, ready to use tape which can be used to make airtight and waterproof seals on many types of materials and applications including electrical connections, hoses, cables and to reduce vibration of hand tools. It is tear, abrasion, and UV resistant and it withstands exposure to fuel, water, oil, acids, and many solvents. It is a class H Insulator. This product is designed to seal hoses and leaky plumbing, insulate electrical connections, wrap hand tool handles. 

Direction for use note: 1. Remove any excess dirt, oil, etc. from repair area and clean hands with hand cleaners or soap and water before starting the repair. 
2. Remove package and peel 1-2 inches of liner from the tape. 
3. Press the exposed tape firmly to the surface to be repaired, making sure to completely overlap the first wrap over itself while at the same time stretching the tape.

•  Operating temperature: -60-180℃
•  Standard color: Red,Yellow,Blue,Green
•  Flame retardant grade: V0(UL94)
•  Hardness shore: 53A

The self fusing tape is  usually used in the copper bars and joints of substations and switch cabinets. Because of its high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance and other advantages, many customers choose silicone self-adhesive tapes instead of high-pressure heat shrink tube and insulating protective box. Another main reason is that if you use heat shrinkable tube, it is inconvenient to use heat shrinkable tools in outdoor operations, which will bring a lot of trouble to the construction. The application of silicone self-adhesive tapes is relatively convenient.

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Application introduction about silicone self fusing tape
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