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What are the advantages of the built-in mastic cold shrink tube?
Time: 2020-10-30 16:11:52     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

Product advantages of built-in mastic cold shrink tube
· Easy to use,manual operation,no need for heat source and special tools
· Built-in mastic structure
· Waterproof and sealing performance
· Flexible rubber,even if exposed to the outdoors,always maintain its sealing pressure
· Reduce the workload and working time during installation
· It is easy to remove when it needs to be detected or disconnected
· Antibacterial, anti-ozone and acid and alkali resistance
· Radial pressure,so that the joint can remain snug when swinging in the wind

The unique interior of the cold shrink tube with built-in mastic can be filled with sealing mastic, which has improved its original performance. It is commonly used in outdoor RRU (outdoor equipment) connectors,antenna connectors,signal transmission equipment link heads,feeder pair connectors,Outdoor sub-system connector and use of coaxial cable and super flexible cable.The installation is convenient and fast.It is a necessary product that cannot be replaced by heat shrinkable tubing or tape. When using,just align the position and gently pull the inner ring core rope (ie support core) to quickly shrink to the covering body.One-time molding installation,the smallest installation controls can be operated and installed.

Volsun was founded in 2006, as the pioneer of cold shrink tube manufacturer in China, we keep focusing on the R & D, production and sales in insulation, sealing & protection solutions for more than 14 years.

Quality is our culture. Volsun has a modern quality management system, which has passed a series of quality system certification such as IAT F16949, 1809001 etc. And we have gained some advanced titles such as Jiangsu famous scientific and technical coorporation, China new high-tech enterprise etc. have independent intellectual property rights, 88 patents and 97 product certifications.
Volsun silicone cold shrink tube application in telecommunication base station, if you have more special requirement on base station waterproof solutions, welcome to contact us. We will develop new products for you specially. In the coming future, we will follow up the market demand to develop more insulation tube products to satisfy different customers’ needs.

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