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Common test items of cold shrink tube
Time: 2020-10-17 15:56:20     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

According to the normal application environment of telecommunication cold shrink tube, Volsun will make relevant performance test for silicone rubber and EPDM cold shrink tube to ensure that the telecommunication cold shrink tube can effectively protect the normal use of the quilt.
There are mainly 6 test items as the following:


Test Item

Mechanical Peroformance Test

Tensile strength

Elongation at break

Wear strength

100% stretching strength

200% stretching strength

Electrical Performance Test

Breakdown voltage

Breakdown strength

Aging Performance Test

Ozone aging

UV lighting aging

Antifungal test

ATCC 6275,ATCC 10690,ATCC 6205,DSM 1203,ATCC 18502,ATCC 36839,ATCC 36840,ATCC 9645

Environmental Application Test

High temperature seal protection test

Low temperature resistant test

High temperature resistant test

Low and high temperature resistant test

Dustproof and Waterproof Test



The following information mainly introduces the test sample and related test items:

1. The environmental performance test and the dustproof and waterproof test require cold shrinkable tube for testing. At the same time, a quilt cover of the corresponding size shall be prepared to test the protective effect of the cold shrinkable tube on the quilt cover.

For the rest of the test, test samples are cutting pieces. The thickness of the test pieces is generally 2mm. The normal size of the test pieces is 120*140mm. The tear strength test is to cut the test pieces into right-angle samples for testing and breakdown Voltage, breakdown strength, and anti-mold testing are all tested by a whole piece of test piece.Other tests are using dumbbell-shaped specimens.

Sample pieces


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