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Cold shrink VS heat shrink, which one is better?
Time: 2020-06-06 13:34:00     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

Cold shrink tube VS heat shrink tube, which on is better for you? In our opinion, it depends. Why to say so? In the following , we will show you advantages and disadvantages of  heat shrink and cold shrink products.
Volsun manufacture both heat shrink tube and cold shrink tube, and heat shrink tube size we offered from 0.5mm to 300mm, and cold shrink tube we make size range is 15mm-150mm. Then you can see Volsun heat shrink tube size range will be more widely compare with cold shrink tube. So to sum up, heat shrink tube can be adapt to more smaller and bigger application than cold shrink tube.
Volsun heat shrink tube

The smallest cold shrink tube from Volsun

VOLSUN biggest cold shrink tube

VOLSUN longest cold shrink tube

Secondly, we can make heat shrink tube with many different colors, for example our heat shrink tube standard color includes black, Grey, yellow, blue,white,green,and clear. But for cold shrink tube, normally is black, Grey and white. And for EPDM cold shrink tube only can be black color.

Volsun Black and Grey cold shrink tube

Thirdly, heat shrink tube install need heat tools to to heat the tube, then shrink on the object. It is not very convenient sometimes. And for cold shrink tube, no need heating, just pull out the supporting core then the tube shrink. It is very easy and convenience to install.
Above three points of heat shrink and cold shrink comparisons, which one is better for you? If you have any question in Insulation, Sealing, waterpoof and protection solution, welcome to contact us. Let’s discuss and offer you a high performance solution for you. Welcome visit our or call me directly. 8618963667177, we are by your side.

Volsun White cold shrink tube

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