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The tips of installing cold shrink tube
Time: 2020-06-06 11:47:18     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

We do believe that most of us are familiar with heat shrink tube from our website. The cold shrinkable tube is probably not clear to many people now. In fact, the cold shrinkable tube is named based on the heat shrink tube. The heat shrinkable tube is called the heat shrinkable tube since tube that can be shrunk by heating while cold shrink tube just need to pull the supporting core. Today I will give a detail introduction of the installation steps of our silicone cold shirnk tube.

Tools/raw materials
High shrink ratio silicone cold shrink tube

Connector and cable

1. Prepare a silicone rubber cold-shrinkable tube in advance and the inner diameter of the cold shrink tube must be slightly larger than the thick cable which need to be covered so that the thick cable can be covered tightly when shrinking and the high shrinkage ratio will also cover the thin cable tightly

2. Hold the cable and the cold shrink tube with one hand through the alignment position of the product to be covered, and gently pull out the white supporting core inside with the other hand to shrink it quickly and completely wrap the place to be protected.

The outer diameter of thick cable and thin cable should be considered, which is larger than thick cable before shrink, and smaller than thin cable after shrink.The cold shrink tube size should meet the applicable range of cables.
It cannot be reversed when pulling, aiming at the position to be protected and the operation should be proper.

Volsun cold shrink tube application in telecommunication base station, if you have more special requirement on base station waterproof solution, welcome to contact us. We will develop new products for you specially. In the future, we will follow up the market demand to develop more insulation tube products to satisfied different customers’ needs.

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