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Volsun VS-TP1501 Thermal Conductive Silicone Potting Compound for Electronic Components
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VS-TP1501 is a two-component 1:1 heat-curing silicone heat-conductive potting adhesive, which cures at room temperature or after heating to form elastic heat-conductive silicone rubber. It is specially designed for the manufacture of electronic and electrical products and modules, such as the potting protection of high-power power supply modules, frequency converters, sensors, etc., and the connection and fixation between on-board electronic devices and PCBs.


  • Operating temperature: -40℃~+200℃ 
  • Excellent mechanical properties and ductility
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and aging resistance
  • Low viscosity, self-leveling, excellent seam drilling ability
  • Low modulus, low stress, good adhesion to metals and plastics

Technical Performance


Typical value

Test method

Mixing ratio



Color (After mixing)


Visual inspection

Viscosity(Component A) @25


ASTM D2196

Viscosity(Component B) @25


ASTM D2196

Viscosity(After mixing) @25


ASTM D2196

Opening hours@25



Curing condition

20min/100℃   30min/80℃


Thermal conductivity

1.3±0.2 W/m·k

ASTM D5470


50±5 Shore A

GB/T 531.1-2008


2.2±0.2 g/cm3

GB/T 1033.1-2008

Tensile strength

0.2 MPa

GB/T 528-2009

Elongation at break


GB/T 528-2009

Flame retardant rating



Breakdown strength

15 kV/mm

GB/T 1695-2005

Volume resistivity

1.0×1013 Ω·cm

GB/T 1692-2008





 Component A 0.5kg; Component B 0.5kg


Component A 10kg; Component B 10kg


Component A 20kg; Component B 20kg


Component A 40kg; Component B 40kg


Component A 50kg; Component B 50kg


  • Stirring A and B components separately
  • Mixing the well-stirred components A and B at the ratio of 1:1 (either volume ratio/weight ratio can be used)
  • The mixed compound is poured into the device to be filled and cured (room temperature or heating can be cured).


  • In order to ensure the uniform distribution of fillers, component A and component B must be separately stirred before mixing, so that each compound is evenly mixed
  • A and B agents will react and cure each other after mixing, so they need to be used after mixing, and can not be used twice after mixing and curing
  • When pouring into the protective part, there should be no large debris or other pollutants in the protective part to avoid affecting the adhesion of materials and objects
  • Before the material is fully cured, keep other objects away from the material, which may affect the appearance and protective performance of the material
  • Keep this product away from the mouth and eyes. If it enters the mouth and eyes accidentally, rinse it with clean water or go to the hospital
  • For high thermal conductivity, vacuum defoaming is required prior to perfusion
  • In low temperature environment, the curing time will be extended correspondingly

Storage conditions and shelf life

  • Products should be stored in the original packaging, keep the lid closed, avoid contamination (temperature: 15℃ < T < 30℃; Relative humidity: RH < 70%) (temperature: 15℃ < T < 30℃; Relative humidity: RH < 70%
  • The shelf life is 6 months from the production date

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