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Waterproof and Insulation Self-curing Protection Pad for electric power transmission
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FST6525 Self-curing waterproof protective wrap material (waterproof sticker) is an insulating waterproof packaging material, the main feature is excellent insulation and waterproof performance, can be used for insulation protection of 35kV and below cables, optical cables, overhead lines and bare metal wires At the same time, it can also be used in the waterproof protection of equipment such as outdoor base station connectors, shaped antennas, splitters, couplers, tower defense, GPS integrated cabinets and other equipment.

During the construction of this product, you only need to pinch the location to be treated with a waterproof sticker, and then the material itself will gradually solidify after contact with the air to form an insulating waterproof layer. The operation is simple, suitable for quick repair work, without heating or special tools. On-site operation can cut and plasticize the waterproof sticker according to the actual situation.


Standard color:Black
Encounter water vapor curing in the air
Simple installation, no special training and special tools required, working at height is easier
Low temperature does not change hard, high temperature does not flow glue, all-weather construction, 
north and South general use              
Outstanding UV aging  resistance, reliable bonding 
The material is exquisite and uniform, and the insulation performance is excellent

Material adhesion performance is good, high waterproof performance

Technical Performance

Properties                                                           Typical Data

Curing time (20℃, 50% humidity):

Required time after unpacking



year/10 months

Sheet breakdown voltage up to 18kV time


Fully cured


After curing:

Hardness after full curing

50 Shore A

Tensile Strength


Elongation at break


Breakdown voltage (1.8mm sheet)


Breakdown voltage

(1.8mm sheet covered on the line)


Volume resistivity


Dielectric constant


Dielectric loss factor


UV accelerated aging performance

No obvious change in 2000 hours

Flammability rating


Hot and cold impact(-40℃~85℃)

No obvious change in 200 cycles

Waterproof performance

The wires wrapped with waterproof stickers ar tested by 12kV 4 hours water immersion voltage test, the insulation does not break down.

Waterproof pressure test(20kV,4h)












Used for sealing insulation protection of overhead wire clamps; local insulation reinforcement of overhead wires due to insufficient safety distance, etc.

Insulation protection for exposed metal positions of power conductors
Used for repairing local insulation of overhead conductors and insulation of cable terminal accessories
Used for insulation protection of bare metal parts in switchgear
It is used to block the entrance hole of electric cabinet type cable, especially for outdoor use
4G, 5G base station construction equipment waterproof, such as special-shaped antenna, splitter, tower defense, etc.

Other related to power and waterproof aspects, such as high-speed rail, ships and other fields.

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