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Typical notes of cold shrink tube installation
Time: 2021-10-28 10:39:38     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

Today we will introduce some tips of installing the cold shrink tube.The following are some typical notes of cold shrink tube installation.
Step 1: Open the bag and check whether there are cracks, holes and other defects on the surface of the cold shrink tube to ensure that the quality is qualified before shrinking.

Step 2: Find the stretch head of the cold shrink tube supporting core, as shown in the figure above, the bending inward is the first place to shrink and the stretch head is on the opposite side. Find it and gently sort it out to prepare for pulling.

Step 3: Insert the cold shrink tube into the object to be shrinked, align the shrinking end with the position to be shrinked and pull out the supporting core slowly and at a constant speed. Try to keep the cold shrink tube evenly and naturally shrinking. Do not intentionally bend the cold shrink tube and keep it straight. Also avoid the supporting core from straining the silicone tube and causing the cold shrink tube to crack.

Step 4: After the cold shrink tube shrink, check the installation quality, whether the two ends are in the correct position and whether there are other defects on the surface of the cold shrink tube, it is best to still be in a smooth state. Finally, collect the bag garbage and clean it. If the amount is large, the supporting core should be protected as clean as possible. The high-quality supporing core can be recycled.

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Typical notes of cold shrink tube installation
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