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Why do we need to make 2nd vulcanization for the cold shrink tube
Time: 2021-10-26 14:36:30     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

Cold shrink tubing is currently divided into silicone cold shrink tubing and EPDM cold shrink tubing according to the main raw material for manufacturing,which are made of silicone rubber and EPDM.The principle of shrinkage is the same,so the following is an example of silicone cold shrink tube.

After the raw silicone rubber is mixed and vulcanized, the macromolecular structure of the original silica rubber will undergo a cross-linking reaction to form a network structure,thereby increasing the strength and elasticity of the connection between the silica rubber molecules.The elasticity generates through the transformation of the intermolecular configuration and the length change of the molecular bond.

The unvulcanized raw rubber is easy to tear and it can be torn gently by hand, just like tearing dough.But after vulcanization, the silicone rubber becomes elastic, like rubber. That is to say, after the vulcanization process, the silicone tube we extruded can be deformed under the action of external force. At the same time, because the molecules are still in an activated state at room temperature.After the external force is removed, the molecule will retract due to internal stress caused by deformation, that is resilience.This is the principle of shrinkage of cold shrinkable tube

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