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Cold shrink tube will be booming for 5G era!
Time: 2021-09-27 14:16:59     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

As we all know,the amount of data transmission in the 5G era will greatly increase.This will require a large number of new communication base stations and the cold shrink sealing tube will also be important.We know that outdoor sealing and waterproofing are very important.Poor sealing effect will directly affect the water ingress and decay of the feeder and will also affect the service life of the transmitting base station for a long time.This means that sealing,waterproof and aging resistance will be a huge challenge!

In this regard,what are the effective sealing,waterproof and insulation protection solutions? At present,the main protection method on the market is the cold shrink tube or mastic and cold shrink tube.Now it is gradually replaced by the built-in mastic cold shrink tube.The built-in mastic is easy to use and fast and there is no need to add mastic or other glue.

Many technology do not exist alone,they are almost concentrated on insulation protection,which mainly depends on the customer's choice.Generally,heat shrinkable products are used indoors,which are convenient for construction and low cost.Outdoor cold shrinkable products have better effect.The service life of cold shrink tube is much longer.It is sealed,waterproof and resistant to aging and ultraviolet radiation.You can choose the appropriate cold shrink or heat shrink tubing product according to the actual application.

Volsun silicone cold shrink tube application in telecommunication base station, if you have more special requirement on base station waterproof solutions, welcome to contact us. We will develop new products for you specially. In the coming future, we will follow up the market demand to develop more insulation tube products to satisfy different customers’ needs.

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