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4 differences between heat shrink tube and cold shrink tube
Time: 2021-08-16 11:40:15     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

The application range of cold shrink tube is relatively narrow for heat shrink tube and its function is not as powerful as heat shrink tube.But it is unmatched by other insulating materials in the telecommunication industry.

The main differences between cold shrink tube and heat shrink tube include the following 4 points:
1. Heat shrink tube and cold shrink tube use different principles. Heat shrink tube is based on the principle of radiation expansion, while cold shrink tube use the principle of natural expansion of steel wire. Heat shrink tube is a chemical reaction, while cold shrink tube is a physical reaction.

2. Similar sizes with cold shrink tube, the price of heat shrink tube is slightly lower because the raw materials are diverse and easy to obtain.

3. The application of heat shrink tube is wider and more common. It can be used in electrical engineering, electronics, cables, medical, Cold shrink tube is generally only used in the cable accessory industy and telecommunication industry.

4 There are many materials for heat shrink tube which includes silicone rubber, polyethylene, PVC, Teflon, fluororubber, etc., While cold shrink tube is currently made of silicone rubber and EPDM rubber. The best advantage is that it does not need to be heated or contracted and does not require fire. It has absolute advantages in high-altitude operation. Because of the special principle, it is very suitable for outdoor use. It is widely used in domestic mobile, China Unicom and telecommunication tower feeders. It is resistant to aging and corrosion. Ultraviolet radiation resistance and waterproof performance are very good. If you are worried about waterproofing, there is also a built-in double mastic cold shrink tube. 

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4 differences between heat shrink tube and cold shrink tube
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