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Yellow cold shrink tube
Time: 2021-06-25 13:37:24     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

One of our Korea customer purchase a batch of yellow cold shrink tube goods from us last month.
They are used for telecommunication connector and jumper insulation.The standard color of cold shrink tube for telecom industry include black,white and gray.
Here are some pictures of Volsun yellow cold shrink tube:

Click here,we will show our new yellow cold shrink tube. 

Next we will introduct some features of Volsun Cold Shrink Tube:
1).Easy installation,only manual operation,no special tools or heating, no hot melt glue or tape to strengthen the seal at the joint
2).It is suitable for the connection and sealing of a wide range of cables with different specifications and can be used for indoor, outdoor, overhead,water or buried power cables below 1000V
3).The rubber has strong resilience and high radial pressure. Even if it is used for a long time, it still maintains a constant radial pressure on the cable. It has a tight seal and excellent moisture resistance
4).Breathing together with the sealed part can achieve an excellent sealing effect; it canmaintain a very good seal even when the wind is swaying
5).Salt spray corrosion resistance,acid and alkali resistance,ozone aging resistance,weather aging resistanceand ultraviolet aging resistance.

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