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Introduction detail of EPDM cold shrink tube and application
Time: 2020-12-22 10:35:04     Copyfrom: SuZhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

Today we will talk about EPDM cold shrink tube,EPDM cold shrink tube,product features and application introduction.EPDM rubber has excellent mechanical properties,puncture resistance and high tear resistance,weather resistance,UV resistance,ozone aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance,salt spray corrosion resistance,high and low temperature resistance up to -55℃~+150℃.It is an ideal sealing material for communication cables,coaxial cables and medium and low voltage power cables.

EPDM cold shrink tube is an insulating sleeve that uses EPDM rubber as raw material to make pre-expanded support tube.When uses,it only needs to be positioned and then the support tube is removed, and its radial contraction force is used to form a tight package.

Application areas and application:

1. It is suitable for the insulation protection of medium and low voltage power cable connections of various specifications and the sealing of communication cables and optical cables

2. Connection of wireless communication towers such as communication base stations and exposed terminals,connectors,antennas,feeders,etc.

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof sealing in the middle or terminal of cables and optical cables

4. Used in indoor and outdoor,overhead and buried fields

5. Used in tool handles,pipe repair or other types of sealing,etc.

Installation method of EPDM cold shrink tube

1. Put the cold shrink tube on the cable

2. Install the connection joints,clean the insulation skins on both sides of the cable joints,move the cold-shrinkable tube and cover the cable joints

3. At the desired initial contraction position,hold the cold shrink tube and cable with one hand, and pull the support tube with the other hand

4. Finish the installation.

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